Course Three: Final Project

It was really hard for me to decide on what to do for this project.  For starters, I had wanted to do the resume redesign.  I liked my old resume but wanted to update it and there were a couple of elements that I had previously thought were interesting but now just saw them as too gimmicky.  Once I started, however, I began to think that the whole concept of an infographic type resume was too gimmicky.  Would it be able to convey the right amount of information? Would people read it or just think I was being foolish?  Would other (read: traditional) resumes stand out as being more professional?

I am a believer in:

  1. Less is more
  2. Being true to who you are
  3. Trying something different

So I stuck with the plan to redesign my resume.  But then a friend asked me if I was applying for the ADE (Apple Distinguished Educator) program this year and I did I know the applications closed in three days, AND did I know that I would need to make and submit a two minute (no more!) video that told my story?  Ahhh…, no, and no.  But I looked into it and I thought, why not and so I got sidetracked with making my first iMovie which turned out to be so easy (on the iPad) and pretty fun actually.

But this left my resume redesign hanging, mid-makeover.  And now I was creating a digital story – another project option.  What to do?  I have decided to share both here as I would really love some feedback on both.  The Apple application is submitted and there is little to do but wait for the results.  I will admit, I felt like I was doing really obvious product placement with my voiceover and I wonder if I wasn’t too literal in my narrative.  I think it could have been more creative but at the same time, I grabbed my iPad on a typical Thursday and took it to every class and that is what my day really looks like in photos and video.  I was able to support the video application with 4 long-answer responses to my use of technology and general teaching practice and so the video was meant to augment the information that was shared in writing.  In that regard, I think I could have (again) been a bit more creative and less documentary in my narrative and image choice.

Here’s the video:

So, once this was submitted, it was back to my “About Me” page and the resume redesign.  This is what I was already working with: A three page document that outlined my teaching history and qualifications, my ‘Golden Circle’, and some highlighted areas of expertise:





What I liked about this:

  • Color scheme is not too overpowering and at the same time, it stands out.
  • At the time, I like the angular front page – I thought it made me look edgy and different
  • The opportunity to talk about my “why”
  • The more detailed description of things that were important highlights in my career.

What needed to change:

  • I think it was too long – many places are now down to a 1 page resume and I don’t want to bank on them turning the page.
  • The angles needed to go – too difficult to skim read effectively
  • The last page is very wordy
  • It seemed to be neither CV or Infographic but somewhere in random land between the two.


So what does it look like now? 

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 19.15.11Sonya terBorg – Resume *PDF version

I tried to consolidate all things that were important to me into the one page.  My thoughts on this version:

  • I like the little icons (thanks Noun Project!) as I think they add a clean visual to the document
  • I like the photo of me and my daughter as it shows a very important part of who I am without me having to articulate that I am a mom
  • I like the QR code link to my personal blog
  • Creating the ‘bar graph’ of things I believe in was actually really hard – the ranking of items – and I liked that this gave me the opportunity to reflect on what was important to me, philosophically
  • I am on the fence with the L/R Brain although I do like the idea of this. I just took an online quiz and that was the result and so I took the key words from the test analysis and created the little graphic.
  • I really like the “Let me help you” and “Hire me” titles (this idea ‘remixed from #23 on this list) and these titles helped me to focus on what I wanted to say about my skills and my purpose
  • I thought the timeline was an easy way to see where I have been although it does make it clear how much I jump around!
  • I really wanted to keep the concentric circles but I modified the wordiness of them and refined my purpose.

Throughout this course, I have spent so long looking at elements of good design that it really was hard to narrow this down.  I think the resume looks good (it is entirely done in Pages, btw, as I wanted to try not using anything ‘fancy’ but to see if I could create something in a fairly standard program).  I do think I will also create a ‘slick professional’ resume that is less infographic-ish.

I think this would stand out in a pile of resumes – I just hope for the right reasons and not because the recruiter wanted to be sure to not take a second look!  I think I would like to partner this resume with an online profile such as the one I am working on at  and I updated a previous one that I had created at

In discussing my various resumes with one of the administrators at my school, I was reminded that a generic resume is rarely going to get you anything but a generic job. If you want a particular job, you are going to have to tweak the resume you share in order to best suit the requirements of the job.